What To Expect

The First Visit

The first visit is geared towards detecting and correcting vertebral subluxations that can cause no only pain but many health conditions.  During this visit the doctor will take time with you to understand what brought you in. He will then select specific exams to better determine if you have vertebral misalignments. An infrared digital nerve scan will be done to assess the function of your nerve system. At this time the doctor may choose to take specific x-rays of your spine that will show specific alignment of your spine.  It will take the doctor some time to analyze the results of your exam and to know if he can help.  You will be required to return for the second visit as soon as possible.

Usually the first visit is one of the longest, so plan for at least 45 minutes in our office. If you have many questions of course it will take a little longer but asking questions is always suggested.  People who are interested in getting better always see the best results.

The Second Visit

The second visit is called our Report Of Findings. This is where the doctor will spend time showing you what he found and how long it will take to correct.  You will also get customized care plan that is selected specially for your case. If you follow recommendations of care you will see great results. During the second visit you will be shown how affordable it is and see how to make it affordable for the entire family. Families who get well and stay well together always have the best relationships and most fun in life. If you choose to get care in our office you will have opportunity to get adjusted for the first time. This visit usually take 20 minutes. If you choose to get care in our office you will be scheduled for our orientation.


This is one of the most important visits in our office. You will learn what chiropractic is, how it works, how to use it and what it can do for you and your family. We ask that you attend one of these so you learn more about what health is.  This is a perfect time to bring a loved one or a friend to learn more about our office and how we can help so many people. We suggest you ask questions so you can learn as much as possible.


During the re-exams the doctor or staff will revisit why you came in and evaluate your progress in the office. At this point you may be feeling great but the focus is to get your nerve system working at its best. This creates optimal healing and helps create a awesome future in health.  All the results will be explained to you so you are up to date on your progress.