True Life Testimonial

D. Stewart
Age: 57

D. Stewart met Dr.Jamie at 1890’s day fair in 2016. Shortly after meeting, in June of 2016, Stewart decided to try out Chiropractic care despite the doubts he had that the promises of Chiropractic care were too good to be true. Mr. Stewart had severe, debilitating back from the time he was a teenager that has continued until the age of 57. The pain was so severe that it affected physically demanding job and his ability to do normal household chores without resulting in constant chronic pain. Prior to chiropractic care, Stewart frequently took over the counter anti-inflammatory medications and received regular steroid shots to cope with the pain from his back. By the second adjustment, Stewart was starting to feel relief he had not felt in years. By month 3, he was almost entirely pain free able to freely bend without pain. Once Stewart became pain free, he decided to stop Chiropractic care. During his period of no adjustments he felt great then by the 3rd month, his pain came creeping back. He then realized how crucial Chiropractic care was to his quality of life. Stewart is now a believer is the benefits of chiropractic care and is forever grateful for the changes Dr. Jamie was able to bring to his life. Stewart suggests anyone skeptical of Chiropractic care to give it a try, it can change your life for the better.