Chiropractic Helps With Allergies

Chiropractic Helps Allergies

FionaFungI had been suffering with chronic sinus issues and major seasonal allergies for over 2 years and had to take medication just to get through the day. Moving from Hong Kong to Alabama for school, I thought it was just a change of environment. I have also suffered from headaches and tension in my upper back and an achy low back. Being so young I knew that something wasn’t right. A friend of mine told me to visit a Chiropractor to get some relief.

“my allergies completely disappeared and I felt more alert”

I came to see Dr. Jamie and after one adjustment my sinus’ cleared up, my allergies completely disappeared and I felt more alert. After a couple more adjustments my headaches were gone and I felt much better. Dr. Jamie taught me that once he removes interference from the nerve system the body will work much better. It sure does.

Thank you Dr. Jamie