Chiropractic Helps COPD

C.O.P.D & Cataracts Getting Better


About 6 weeks ago (November 2013) I began receiving chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Jamie  at True Life Chiropractic Fort Oglethorpe, GA. My complainant was a backbone with over 7 decades of bends, twists and turns plus 2 falls off of a ladder. As I entered my 70’s I began using oxygen and medications for COPD, [ I have never smoked]. The oxygen was needed 24\7 when I first saw Dr. Jamie.

David LeggAlthough I have always been overweight, I was not obese until about 4 years ago when I needed to take a steroid for strength to breath. X rays were first, then the good doctor adjusted his table to accommodate my belly and I began twice a week adjustments. After the second week I noticed that my night vision from a cataract was much improved and I was not as nervous as I had been before treatments started.

Also there has been a change in my need for oxygen therapy. I don’t need it very often! When I take the mask off to go out of the room for a few minutes, I sometimes forget to put it back on because my breathing has gotten better.  I am much encouraged and will continue receiving treatments and thanking Dr. Jamie Masyk, DC .

– David L.