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First adjustments today and already surprised with the results

Dr Jamie you were fantastic today ! I came in for my first adjustments today and already surprised with the results. I can't wait to see you Friday ! ,Thank you so much for your compassion and for explaining my issues in great detail. You have officially given me hope

Tammy S. , Review from Facebook

I started going when I was pregnant and I saw fast results

Dr. Jamie is awesome! I started going when I was pregnant and I saw fast results. My back pain is almost non-existent. I didn't even feel this great when I was getting steroid injections for the pain.

Wittney H. , Review from Facebook

Praise God for allowing me to find them!!!

I have been on pain meds for years taking 4x a day . Since I've been seeing Dr Jamie & Samantha I don't need any ! Praise God for allowing me to find them!!! Oh & Dr wanted to do surgery on back & last year on my neck, but chose not to . It's amazing how great I feel after coming to True Life Chiropractic!!

Nancy H. , Review from Facebook

Dr. Jamie is a person who cares about his patients.

Dr. Jamie is a person who cares about his patients.
I have been to Chiropractors in the past,but without results.
He takes time with you,and you don't feel rushed.
Check him out,you wont be disappointed.

Johnnie S. , Review from Facebook

Dr. Jamie has made such a difference in my life

I love Dr. Jamie and Samantha. They are truly two of the kindest people you will meet. Dr. Jamie has made such a difference in my life. He is kind, caring, and takes time with each patient. As for Samantha...if you want the best massage in this area, see her. She is Fantastic.

Ann B , Review from Facebook

They have your best interest at heart

Jamie and Samantha are both just wonderful. They have your best interest at heart and are both very knowledgeable and patient! It's nice to get treated like a person and not a number.

Chelsea M. , Review from Facebook

C.O.P.D & Cataracts Getting Better

About 6 weeks ago (November 2013) I began receiving chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Jamie at True Life Chiropractic Fort Oglethorpe, GA. My complainant was a backbone with over 7 decades of bends, twists and turns plus 2 falls off of a ladder. As I entered my 70’s I began using oxygen and medications for COPD, [ I have never smoked]. The oxygen was needed 247 when I first saw Dr. Jamie.

Although I have always been overweight, I was not obese until about 4 years ago when I needed to take a steroid for strength to breath. X rays were first, then the good doctor adjusted his table to accommodate my belly and I began twice a week adjustments. After the second week I noticed that my night vision from a cataract was much improved and I was not as nervous as I had been before treatments started.

Also there has been a change in my need for oxygen therapy. I don’t need it very often! When I take the mask off to go out of the room for a few minutes, I sometimes forget to put it back on because my breathing has gotten better. I am much encouraged and will continue receiving treatments and thanking Dr. Jamie Masyk, DC .

David L. ,

Got a massage today from Samantha, it was wonderful!

Got a massage today from Samantha, it was wonderful! She and Dr. Jamie are great, always take time to explain everything and very gentle.

Angie R. , Review from Facebook

Chiropractic Helps Allergies

I had been suffering with chronic sinus issues and major seasonal allergies for over 2 years and had to take medication just to get through the day. Moving from Hong Kong to Alabama for school, I thought it was just a change of environment. I have also suffered from headaches and tension in my upper back and an achy low back. Being so young I knew that something wasn’t right. A friend of mine told me to visit a Chiropractor to get some relief.

“my allergies completely disappeared and I felt more alert”

I came to see Dr. Jamie and after one adjustment my sinus’ cleared up, my allergies completely disappeared and I felt more alert. After a couple more adjustments my headaches were gone and I felt much better. Dr. Jamie taught me that once he removes interference from the nerve system the body will work much better. It sure does.

Thank you Dr. Jamie

F.F ,

Chiropractic Helps Resolve Headaches & Bed-wetting

I came to Dr. Jamie experiencing headaches and bed-wetting issues, neither normal for an 11-year-old to be dealing with. These intermediate issues, I’ve been dealing with for years and using ibuprofen regularly, as well as a timer to help with bed-wetting. Very quickly after I began adjustments at True Life Chiropractic, I started experiencing very few headaches and less frequent bed-wetting episodes! I’ve also been able to eliminate the use of ibuprofen. My mother and I have been very impressed with how caring and attentive the treatment has been here. The staff is very friendly and the consultation was very informative. In addition, they’ve very flexible to fit our busy schedules. We absolutely recommend chiropractic to others who are suffering, we were actually referred to Dr. Jamie by a friend who was also experiencing bed-wetting issues and he helped her as well.

A.P. ... 11 Years Old

Healing From Fibromyalgia & Headaches

I was diagnosed several months ago with Fibromyalgia. The doctor subsequently put me on a pain medication (Tramadol) and a muscle relaxer to help me sleep at night. The pain, fatigue and stiffness were being managed with medication which I don’t want to be on if I can help it.

I started coming to Dr. Jamie and within just a couple of weeks I was feeling MUCH MUCH better. I started weaning myself off my meds which didn’t take long. Now I’m proud to say I’m not taking EITHER medication. Even the headaches that I was dealing with just about everyday have subsided!

Thanks you very much! I feel my health is getting better and better! I feel stronger, have more energy and am sleeping better! It’s definitely credited to Chiropractic Care!

Thanks so much


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