A Safer and More Comfortable Pregnancy through Chiropractic Care

If you’re reading this as you’re in the process of expecting a child, we don’t have to be the first to let you know that the process of growing a living human being can be uncomfortable at times. After all, it’s an incredible amount of work!

Expectant mothers almost always deal with a significant level of back and joint pain that can result from pregnancy. This added stress can make a significant impact on the pelvic area, placing increased stress on vital ligaments that suspend the uterus. Imbalances in the pelvic structure can cause a significant stress on expectant mothers and contribute to painful pregnancies and the inability of the baby to turn in the head down position in the 3rd trimester that almost always leads to a C-section. The unfortunate assumption though is that far too many families think that there is no solution to this pain. They assume that many of the discomforts that are associated with pregnancy and delivery are simply part of the process with no help in sight. Weight bearing changes are inevitable during pregnancy as the amazing miracle of life happens to develop. It is a choice to strive for a healthy, happy pregnancy, creating balance and harmony or not. Far too many women are going into pregnancy not knowing they have options to help keep them at their best.

While I don’t want to mislead you that chiropractic care is a cure-all for pregnancy pain, I do passionately believe that a holistic, natural approach to pain relief through chiropractic care can play a significant role in a healthy and more comfortable pregnancy. Dr. Jamie has made serving women at this important time in life an important area of focus for True Life Chiropractic. Dr. Jamie is certified in the Webster Technique, a certification process that is directly focused on providing balance in the pelvis and low back during pregnancy. Here are three key ways that chiropractic care at True Life can help you during pregnancy:

  1. Decrease Back Pain

As the pregnancy progresses so does the increase in size of the little one. The added weight in front of the spine causes a forward and downward pull creating tension and stress on the muscles and ligaments of the low back and pelvic area. Often the result leads the expecting mother to have discomfort in the low back and pelvis and may even cause sciatica during pregnancy.  It is highly recommended for future mothers to think ahead and start creating balance in the pelvis and low back far before starting the pregnancy process. Regular adjustments can help this process by realigning and restoring balance, helping expectant moms carry the weight more evenly throughout the spine, eliminating many of the back issues that are experienced.

  1. Creating Balance and Optimal Position

During pregnancy there will be many changes in the pelvis. Weight will be carried differently causing changes in how muscles work and there will be an increase stress on the ligaments that support the pelvic joints and uterus. Ligaments are an important part of the body’s way to create stability but one of the most important, is the Round Ligament. The round ligament helps to suspend the uterus, where the developing baby calls home for 280 days or more. If the pelvis has any imbalances it can affect how the uterus is supported. A misaligned sacrum or pelvis  can cause what is called intrauterine constraint or abnormal tension on the uterus causing for the uterus to be abnormally shaped not allowing proper room for the baby to spin head down in the 3rd trimester.  This can ultimately lead to a breech presentation, ending in an unwanted C-section. Dr Jamie is certified in a specific chiropractic technique called the Webster’s Technique. This technique is designed to analyze and correct intrauterine constraint by specific and gentle adjustments restoring balance in the pelvis allowing the best chance for the baby to naturally turn with a head down presentation.

  1. Healthy mom = Healthy Baby

The spine and nerve system is an incredible part of our body. At True Life Chiropractic, I’m incredibly proud of our natural and drug free approach back to health. A properly aligned spine is the core through which so many of our body processes function, which is even more important during this critical time of life. In my clinical experience we have witnessed pregnant moms under chiropractic care have a more enjoyable pregnancy than those who aren’t under chiropractic care. Recent studies show regular chiropractic visits may result in a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery and possibly reduced need for pain medications with an increase in labor times. Who wouldn’t want that?  Additionally, chiropractic care has assisted in many postpartum issues that mothers experience, such as fatigue & depression. At True Life Chiropractic we believe that if the mother is healthy throughout pregnancy, the developing baby will have the best possible chance for good health and development. .   Our team has been trained on how to gently adjust your infant that has been shown to help with many problems that a newborn may have such as breast feeding and latching that may be blamed on tongue tie. Simply put: A properly aligned spine makes for a healthy mother and baby and our mission is to help create a healthier community naturally.