Celebrate Your Health!

Join us September 14th – 19th in celebrating Chiropractic and your health!

For over 115 years Chiropractic has been highly used as an alternative to
drugs and surgery. Chiropractic was founded on the principle of getting the sick well and keeping them well through specific, scientific spinal adjustments and is one of the largest fields in healthcare today.

We have partnered with Chiropractic for the World Foundation (CFTW) in a “Light Up The World Week!”  They are a non-profit foundation dedicated to bringing sustainable chiropractic care to developing nations throughout the world. This is done through ongoing trips, developing affordable clinics and inspiring new students to become chiropractors. Every $1 raised provides an adjustment for someone in a developing nation.

Donate $40 = Chiropractic Exam & X-ray & Tax Receipt”

During the Whole Month Of September if you donate $40 you will receive a Chiropractic Exam & X-rays and a tax receipt. Its a win win for everyone; your health, the health of people in a developing nation and we get to help more people in our community.  We will also be hosting a special celebration Sept 18th from 3-6 with snacks and refreshments!

Health is a gift. Join True Life Chiropractic in Paying it forward! Schedule Today (706) 996 7670