Healing From Fibromyalgia & Headaches

Healing From Fibromyalgia & Headaches

I was diagnosed several months ago with Fibromyalgia. The doctor subsequently put me on a pain medication (Tramadol) and a muscle relaxer to help me sleep at night. The pain, fatigue and stiffness were being managed with medication which I don’t want to be on if I can help it.

I started coming to Dr. Jamie and within just a couple of weeks I was feeling MUCH MUCH better. I started weaning myself off my meds which didn’t take long.  Now I’m proud to say I’m not taking EITHER medication.  Even the headaches that I was dealing with just about everyday have subsided!

Thanks you very much! I feel my health is getting better and better! I feel stronger, have more energy and am sleeping better! It’s definitely credited to Chiropractic Care!

Thanks so much