About Us

Dr. Jamie Masyk 

Originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Dr. Jamie was inspired to move to Georgia to pursue his Chiropractic studies at Life University. Studying Chiropractic since 2005, Dr. Jamie has been witnessing hundreds of lives changing through the power of chiropractic adjustments. He is passionate about what he does and is eager to help thousands more regain their health and vitality.

Caring for expecting mothers and their newborns are one of Dr. Jamie’s biggest passions. Making sure the spine is free of subluxations from day 1, is important for infants and helps to keep them at their optimal health throughout their childhood. Dr. Jamie has completed a 180 hour post graduate program through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and is certified in Webster’s Technique. This technique helps to reduce the intrauterine constraint, allowing babies in the womb to maintain the best position for birth.

In his free time, Dr. Jamie enjoys being amongst nature with his wife, Samantha. You can often find him traveling around the south east hiking, camping and pursuing his interests in rock climbing; which continuously tests his mental and physical abilities while striving to be the best he can be.

Dr Jamie is excited to be serving in the Ft Oglethorpe and Chattanooga area.

Samantha Masyk

Born & raised in Kennesaw, Ga, Samantha moved to the Ft Oglethorpe area with Dr Jamie at the beginning of 2013 to help open True Life Chiropractic. She loves sharing her passion about the human body and the wonderful benefits of chiropractic with the patients. When Samantha is not working at the front desk assisting patients, she is dedicated to providing care for her own clients through massage therapy. Owner of Soul Shine Massage in Ft Oglethorpe, GA, Samantha has practiced for 5 years in Atlanta in a busy practice.

Other than helping people, Samantha gets her fulfillment through being in nature; doing things such as hiking, gardening, relaxing, traveling. Enjoying arts of all mediums, she dabbles in drawing, painting & photography. Samantha is also an alumnus of Chattahoochee Technical College, graduating in December 2009 with a Business Associate Degree in Administrative Office Technology.

Samantha is a licensed massage therapist from the Academy of Somatic Healing Arts (ASHA) graduating with a certificate in Neuromuscular Therapy, Clinical Sports massage & Swedish massage from ASHA in June 2008. With her passion being in Neuromuscular Therapy, she enjoys helping patients to relieve pain and restore their natural posture.

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Why TLC?

At True Life Chiropractic in Fort Oglethorpe a different approach to your health is taken. The doctor is interested in finding the cause of your problems by using state of the art, nerve and muscle assessment programs, x-rays and specific chiropractic analysis. Once the doctor locates the problem, he provides specific chiropractic adjustments that remove interference from your brainstem, spinal cord and nerves, restoring life and health to your body.

When you first come to the office, the team takes care of you just like family. The doctor feels it’s important to understand what the problem is, how he will correct it, and how long it will take. He will spend the time you need and answer any questions you have. The more you know about your case, the more committed you will be. Committed people always see better results.

The team at True Life Chiropractic believe it is far better to take care of what you have. You were born into this world with the intention to be healthy and full of life and you should maintain your health. Regular chiropractic adjustments from birth have helped keep many healthy, experiencing sickness less often and more full of life.

“If you don’t have your health – you have No-Thing”
   -Dr Jamie

The team at True Life Chiropractic has a vision to see the people of Chattanooga and its surrounding communities become healthier and sick less often. A vision so strong, people don’t have chronic sickness and don’t need medications or crisis care. One where hospitals are seeing less people and downsizing. A community where kids are living healthy lives, not being medicated and are living lives to their fullest potential.

As a benefit, TLC always has the option for a FREE consultation. This gives the chance to see the office and talk to the doctor to make sure your in the right place before making decisions.

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