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Welcome to the newest Ft Oglethorpe Chiropractor, True Life Chiropractic. As of March 18th we have been open and will be a serving Walker and Catoosa Counties.
We are proud to announce that we are a different type of Chiropractic office then most in Ft Oglethorpe. Our main focus is locating spinal misalignments that cause an interference in your nerve system. This can cause many health problems.
We use infrared thermography to asses the function of your nerve system and allows us to track your progress visit to visit. We use specific and gentle Chiropractic adjustments to remove the interference from your nerve system so you have the best chance to regain your health.
We are a family practice and our doctor has countless hours of post graduate training for pregnancy, new born and pediatric care. We have seen great results with many childhood conditions including, colic, ear infect, throat infections, seasonal allergies, bed-wetting, autism, seizures, and much more.
Don’t hesitate to schedule your free consultation at your Ft Oglethorpe Chiropractor Today! 706-996-7670